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Antique Restoration

We specialize in Antique & Traditional upholstery, which requires a high level of accuracy, skill, and craftsmanship. We have a large selection of traditional fabrics and leather samples for special pieces.

Furniture Repairs
Your tastes are not necessarily limited to antiques and neither are our services. We’ll happily repair and restore any furniture items that are precious to you. We’ll perform an initial evaluation of the piece and then provide expert advice and guidance so that you get the look you are after and a durable finish at a reasonable cost.

Antique Restoration
Our specialists offer top-quality antique restoration including French polishing, caning, rushing, replacement of leather, inlay or veneers, and upholstery to transform your treasured possessions. Every person who touches your furniture is both highly qualified and skilled so you are in safe hands. We can restore anything from small or specific areas or damage through to complete renovation of a piece; getting the perfect result on every project is vitally important to us, regardless of scale.

French Polishing
French polishing is an art that takes many years to master; our master craftsman has devoted himself to perfecting the techniques involved to deliver a pristine finish, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood and preserving its original character.

Our expertise enables us to take on polishing work wherever your wood is situated, be that a staircase, table, floor, sideboard, external or internal door, shopfront, or any other wood surface that needs a little care to restore it to its former glory. We are equally happy tackling specific damage such as scratches and cup marks as we are doing a total restoration on the whole piece and as with all our projects, we are happy to provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Restoration Examples

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