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Q: Is re-upholstery more expensive than buying new?
A: This depends entirely on where you are buying the new piece from.
A factory-made piece will never be made to our high standards and is likely to feature cheaper materials that sacrifice aesthetics, comfort, and/or durability to provide the lowest possible price.

Comparing apples with apples, re-upholstering, and restoration of a quality piece will pretty much always be cheaper than buying the equivalent new again, however, if you are the exception, we’ll let you know so you can make an informed decision.

Q: What kinds of upholstery and re-upholstery services can you provide?
A: We can re-upholster all sizes and types of items using materials you supply or materials that you specify from our sample books.
If an exact match to the original fabric is required, we can help you source this too. We offer a full range of upholstery and repair services including securing all joints, re-springing, replacing cushions, and anything else that is required.

Q: When can you collect my furniture?
A: We collect at a time and date to suit you; we’ll work as quickly as possible and return your pieces to you at your earliest convenience. Our major priority after achieving a great restoration is to minimize disruption and make our service as convenient as possible for you.

Q: What do I do whilst my furniture is with you?
A: We can loan you chairs, tables, and other essentials whilst we are repairing and upholstering your pieces, so there’s no need to eat your dinner on your knees unless you want to!

Q: Do you give insurance estimates?
A: Yes, we offer both insurance and damage estimate services on all upholstery, repair, and restoration work for your peace of mind.

Q: Do I have to pay for a callout and quotation?
A: Not at all, it’s our pleasure to visit your home at a convenient time, make a thorough assessment of your requirements and provide an accurate and prompt quotation.

Q: Are your materials flame retardant?
A: All fabric and foam used in commercial upholstery contract work are compliant with current fire regulations and our selections are updated whenever an update to the requirements is made.

For domestic upholstery projects we will advise on fire safety options during the briefing process if there is a concern, most modern materials are compliant but when doing restoration and repair with original materials additional coatings may be required.