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Modern Upholstery

We are skilled in modern upholstery techniques using contemporary materials. We offer repairs such as elastic webbing and new foam seat cushions. Whether your style is ultra-modern or traditional, we can advise on materials selection and perform skillful complete or partial upholstery in perfect keeping with the style of your home.

Whilst the finished result is our ultimate priority we also take care to make sure our furniture wears well and where possible, all cost savings that can be made are made without compromising on quality.

Repair & Restoration
Where suitable we’ll use traditional materials and techniques, but will also advise you of where a better result might be achieved by updating materials or taking a slightly different approach to a repair. Where possible we’ll repair the piece on-site which provides both convenience and peace of mind for you. We combine the highest levels of qualification with many years of industry experience so you can be sure your furniture is in safe hands.

Loose Covers & Soft Furnishings
Loose covers are a practical and stylish option, beautifully made from machine washable fabrics in gorgeous colours, patterns, and finishes. Given the wear a piece sustains in an average family home, having stunning furnishings that are simple to clean is a real time saver.

Bespoke Furniture
Here at Absolute Upholstery, we enjoy turning your dreams into reality, so whether you’re a designer or a homeowner, all you need to do is give us an idea of what you want. If your furniture is truly beyond repair, there’s no need to worry. We can make new custom pieces for you, be that an exact replica of a beloved chair or something totally fresh and modern to lift your room’s déco.

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